Konstantin Babenco

My name is

Konstantin Babenco

and I am

Web & Indie Game Developer | Translator

About me

Who am I?

I am a guy from Russia with a university degree in teaching English and German languages, who, however, found his true passion in the world of programming. In October 2015 I started studying web-programming with a project that I'm still developing today - Steam Dungeons, and ever since then I've been in love with web-development and game design. Since 2018 I've been working as a web-developer professionally.

My Hobbies

Even though I haven't become a teacher, I'm thankful for the experience and knowledge I got during my student years: foreign languages greatly expanded the borders of my life and made traveling my favorite hobby. I also love running and like to take part in unusual races - not for the records, but for fun and new experience.

I am creating

Steam Dungeons

which is all about

Multiplayer - Dungeon - Adventures


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